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Jellybean Communications is a metaphor for my writing.

It's like sugar-coating for your communications. I make
the messages sweeter, more palatable, and ultimately 

irresistible for your clients.


Get ready for my questions. Because if I don't 'get' your customers and your business, I can't speak their language. 


Tell me everything. My digital pen is poised.


About Me 


I have loved to write ever since I first could.

And I have owned and operated Jellybean Communications since 2001, writing for a variety of clients.


I tend to write best after 1.5 cups of coffee.
As for jellybeans, the red ones are my favourite.

I get a huge rush out of working with new clients or on new projects. Especially if I've had more than two cups of coffee. 

And if this matters: I am a night owl. That can actually work out  extremely well for you if you need something "by tomorrow." 

Oh. And about that AI thing...

Chat GPT is my friend. She can help you and she can help me. Should we use technology to help us? I think yes.


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