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Does your business have a high EQ?

When the concept of ‘Emotional Quotient’ (EQ) emerged, popularized by Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence, it resonated at an unimaginable level.

Instant bestseller. A counsellor’s dream. Sweet salvation for a generation craving emotional identity and connection.

Emotional quotient

In essence, a high IQ alone is not the key to success. We see it clearly in some of the savants of this world. We marvel at their abilities and knowledge. We are amazed at their depth of understanding and ability to think through complex ideas and solve problems effortlessly.

Yet with that, we often notice a distinct lack of social skills, empathy, or the capacity to express emotions and handle interpersonal relationships. We may realize we don’t actually LIKE this person. Yes, as genius as they are, they are simple not affable.

Business can be the same.

Your products or services may be brilliant. They may address a very targeted and appreciative audience. They may solve complex problems. In other words, your business has a high IQ.

But what of its EQ?

Take a look at your brand personality and communications. Do they exhibit emotional awareness? Do your communications strive to create interpersonal connections? Do your products resonate with your target group and ooze personality from every interaction?

In other words, does emotion play into your brand?

This is the EQ of your business. It’s what makes the difference between a one-off purchase and long-standing customer loyalty. Through a brand personality emoted thoroughly and consistently, customers can grow to identify with that EQ. That brand can become a lifelong friend.

So what makes a high business EQ? The very same things that characterize a person with a high EQ:

Change agent.

A business with a high EQ isn’t afraid to change, evolve and adapt alongside its customer.


The business knows itself and can communicate its characteristics, style and strengths. It is able to look at what it still should learn—weaknesses don’t hold it back from evolving and growing to better meet customers’ needs.


The hallmark of a high EQ: being able to relate to others. If your business truly understands and empathizes with its customers, it can service the needs of those customers perfectly.

Not perfectionists.

We all know perfection is impossible. A business with high EQ rolls easily with the punches and learns from mistakes. Communications with customers are transparent: demonstrating the ability to laugh at one’s self, solve the problem and move on.


A high EQ means there is a natural sense of wonder and curiosity that shines through. There is no judgement, just an exploration of possibilities.


Businesses with emotional intelligence are upbeat with no need to be sarcastic or negative. There is a positive happy tone in every brand communication. The business doesn’t react to critics or naysayers.

Once you start injecting transparency and authenticity into your communications, you’ll be rewarded with stronger customer connections, a greater brand presence, an a real definable personality. Your business will no longer be the reclusive Brainiac, but the approachable, fun-loving intellect with an EQ to match its IQ.

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