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Elevate your marketing copy: The power of collaboration between Copywriters and ChatGPT

ChatGPT is quite possibly one of the most useful communication tools humankind has developed during this age of technology.

Maybe you’ve already played around with the AI powerhouse to generate ideas, suggest recipes, write a song, or even proofread your resume. But how about using it to write marketing copy?

Are the results creative and punchy? What about plagiarism? What prompts should you use?

That's why we’re here today. I’m going to give you a little insight into this brave new world, where we can utilize ChatGPT to our ultimate advantage, and create compelling marketing copy that is not only crisp, unique, and compelling, but drives sales. I like to call it ‘Collaborative Copywriting.’  It’s where human creativity and cultural nuances intersect with AI brilliance.

Human brain: meet AI brain.

If you’ve ever hired or known an advertising copywriter before, you know the drill. Our job is to craft clever headlines, and stylize concise, persuasive, targeted copy to ultimately:  drive sales. We copywriters utilize unique skills that create a foundation for marketing success: creativity, a way with words, and a deep understanding of the nuances of language, culture, and conversation.

It used to be that as a copywriter, my resources included: my own brain, writing abilities, a Thesaurus, colleagues, and other published materials as reference. But now, with the aid of AI tools like ChatGPT, virtually anyone can potentially create marketing copy in mere seconds. Amazing, right?!

But the question remains: how do you ensure the copy sounds genuine, nuanced, and original? Typically, results from ChatGPT sound, well… a bit like something an English professor would write. The sentence structure is grammatically correct. The flow is logical. The results are solid. And you can generate a lot of variety.

But advertising copy is not meant to sound like an English essay. It should be punchy. Powerful. Creative. And speak the same way its target audience does. And can start a sentence with “and” if it needs to.


That’s where the role of a Collaborative Copywriter like me comes in. Let me explain.

You, as a marketer, have the knowledge of your products or services, your company, and your brand. Your expertise lies in knowing and understanding what your customers want.

ChatGPT, as a knowledge expert, contains the cumulative knowledge of internet: a vast knowledge base and lightning-fast processing abilities.

As a copywriter, I know the nuances of language. I am immersed in human culture and the evolution of language and speech. I understand that sometimes, breaking up a sentence helps punctuate the meaning. I know that a more colloquial style of writing can make it sound more personal. And more believable.

The tool is only as good as its user

Here's the thing:  like any tool, ChatGPT is only ever as good as the skills of its user. With ChatGPT, prompts are everything. They allow you to draw out the results you want. But editing plays an even bigger role. This is where the true magic happens.

The human brain works in a non-linear way (as opposed to the limitations of the binary algorithm-driven process of computers). That means, unlike ChatGPT, our brain can allow for endless, unique ‘massaging’ of words and ideas to create a totally original and voice-driven targeted piece of copy. It also enables a copywriter like me to apply cultural references, language nuances and context, which so far, Natural Language Processing (the technical equivalent) has not been able to duplicate.

So, I like to picture ChatGPT as a trusty sidekick, armed with the ability to generate great quantities of decent text that's persuasive and robust, but lacking the one thing ad copy screams for: creativity and punch.

The collaboration is simple, yet revolutionary.

By combining the creative prowess of human copywriters with the AI brilliance of ChatGPT, marketers can unlock a world of possibilities. Whether it's brainstorming fresh ideas, refining existing copy, or conducting A/B testing, it’s a unified approach that uses the best of both worlds: an endlessly creative and intuitive human brain, and the all-encompassing knowledge of AI.

Wow, right?

While we copywriters bring our human touch, intuition, creativity, and industry expertise to the table, ChatGPT offers invaluable insights, suggestions, and even alternative perspectives, instantly. Together – like yin and yang, or right brain/left brain – they form a powerhouse team, that through an iterative process, produces copy that not only resonates with your audience but establishes a genuine “heartfelt and human-sounding” connection.

Imagine the efficiencies gained! Imagine the speed at which maximum results can be attained. These efficiencies mean more marketing power for you.

But what about authenticity?

There are ethical considerations involved in using AI tools for copywriting, such as ensuring transparency about the use of AI and respecting intellectual property rights. It is critically important for a copywriter to maintain ethical standards while harnessing the power of AI in marketing. That means ensuring the end copy doesn’t step into the bounds of plagiarism, un-ethical messaging, discrimination, or bias.

ChatGPT was developed primarily in the English language, and trained on data from developed, first-world countries. That inherent cultural bias can produce inherently biased results. It’s not all bad though… at the time of launch of GPT-4 (the next generation), it supported 26 languages, and been growing ever since.

Looking Ahead: The future of copywriting and marketing

As we look toward the future, one thing is abundantly clear: the role of AI in copywriting and marketing is only going to expand. With advancements in natural language processing, machine learning, and AI-driven content, the possibilities are endless.

Yet, ensuring you have a copywriter at the helm who not only brings a wealth of experience, and decades of nuanced communication and creativity, but AI-prowess, will be your key to ideal results.

Start harnessing the power of collaboration between copywriters and ChatGPT, and let’s elevate your marketing copy to new heights.



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