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Blog it and Flog it: 10 Easy How-to's.

So, you want it all.

A blog so witty, so readable, that it will be shared, re-read, and re-posted, right?

You want it to increase awareness, drive traffic and ultimately result in sales. You want hundreds – nay, thousands of comments.

Yeah, I want the same.

Presuming you have some great, original, relevant content already figured out, how to tell it best? In other words, blog it and flog it? Here are ten easy how-to’s:

1. Nail a killer headline.

This is where your audience will make a choice: read it or leave it. So, grab them quick. Make it 8 words or less. Make it clever. Make a promise or educate. Use a “How to” or "Top 8 ways to..." list. Try “The secret to…”.

2. Make it picture-perfect.

Images not only give the reader’s eye a break, but they also stimulate and delight. Make photos unique and memorable while complementing your blog story.

3. Get in bed with your reader.

Get to know your target audience inside and out. Then speak their language. Do they relate to cheeky, quick humour or are they hard-to-please execs seeking corporate know-how? Do they read languidly or do they want it short and sharp? Are they looking for sentiment or a reason to buy?

4. Break it up.

Chunk up your ideas into smaller thought groups. Give the reader short delicious bits they can easily digest.

Make paragraphs short. Make sentences short.

Keep the tone easy-going and conversational. A bit like you're chatting in a loud coffee bar.

5. Make it sexy.

Maybe there’s a bit of rhyme or a dash of panache. Try flirting with your reader. Tempt them with an alluring intro. Draw them in with your delivery. Keep them entertained!

6. Create drama and conflict.

If you have a story to tell, make your blog read like a book. Bring in dramatic descriptions. Include characters and add conflict. At the end, a resolution will underline the solution to your reader's problem.

They’ll be hooked. And eagerly awaiting your next post.

7. Raise questions.

What’s a blog if it doesn’t make one think? A reader will only stay engaged if he or she is participating mentally.

An inviting question can turn a passive reader into an active consumer.

Ask yourself: what do my readers wish to learn or consider from my blog?

8. Use your keywords.

I have used the word blog 7 times in this blog. Oops, make that 8. I have used how to five times. The key is to weave those words naturally into the flow of your blog. Make that nine.

9. End on a positive note.

Reinforce your message. Wrap it all up with a conclusion, advice or “moral of the story.”. Like a good book, you are after all, trying to flog a point.

10. Hire a writer to do it.

Hey, it had to be said.

Christine Thompson is a Vancouver-based freelance copywriter who enjoys writing blogs as much as anything else.

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